Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How to get out of school.... TWENTY-FIVE and TWENTY-SIX

Today marks the third day of snowstorms in which:

  • my school wasn't cancelled
  • my 30-minute drive to school became a 60-minute drive to school in a whiteout... and, last but not, least....
  • I had mass amounts of jealousy directed at my teacher friend whose school has been cancelled all three days. I'll use my students' favorite saying, "It's not fair!" :)

Boo. It's true that teachers love snow days just as much as ("just as much" meaning 1,000x more than) the kids!

One of my kids figured out how we could get out of school for a good month (ha....). This was our conversation:
Kid: I hope our school burns down.
Me: What?!
Kid: If the school burns, we won't have to go to school for.... hmm... a month!
Me: A month? Then would our school be rebuilt?
Kid: Oh... well... maybe two months then. Yeah, two months!
(Never mind the fact that the kiddos would be transported to a different school.... oh dear. Kid was so serious too! I love how life is so black and white for children. No school building = no school!)

This pic was also taken last week before the snowstorm. I'm so behind on posts that I'm double posting today... Anyway, on Friday, I wore my bright pink tights (and I liked there friends! Ha!):
Shirt: Gap
Dress: Target
Tights: Um...? Maybe JCPenney
Socks: Target
Boots: Younkers

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I wore this outfit. Per advice from Linz, I paired my dress with a cardigan (thanks!). She had actually suggested a blazer, but I didn't include any jackets in my 30 (total regret, by the way). I like how this turned out. Does it need a belt? I think it might be better with one. Next time!

Cardigan: Gap
Dress: Target
Tights: Walmart
Boots: Younkers


  1. Both outfits are cute and I love the flash of bright tights, it looks fantastic! Also, power to the people, we will wear coloured tights and not care!

    Also, meant to mention it before but I had a chance to see an amateur dramatic performance of RENT this past year. It was amazing, the cast were so professional. I hadn't seen RENT before then and I've loved it ever since.

  2. Oh I would be so annoyed and jealous if our school wasn't canceled either!!

  3. Oh, YAY, I love it with the cardigan!! Very cute! I think it would look great with a belt but I also think it looks great just like that, good job!

    I love both outfits and those boots are killer, I need some!!

  4. Cute cute cute!! Haha I remember in 5th grade there was actually a chance that my school would burn down (I'm from Southern California and those brush fires can be NASTY). I was totally rooting for it to happen. *shameface*
    Then there was the time sophomore year of high school during the San Diego+LA fires that we actually had a state-ordained three days off of school because the air quality was so bad. Other people have snow days. We had smoke days.


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