Monday, December 20, 2010

Every other day of the week is fine

Pure. chaos.

That is how this week will be at school. My head is already spinning.

Today, we had a student recital for kids to show off their musical talents (I was amazed. We have some seriously gifted kids). We worked on Christmas presents for the kids' parents. We worked more on the presents while I read out loud. I troubleshooted the presents. We worked more on the presents.

You see, this year I had the brilliant idea to teach my students how to knit. Now that their presents are just about finished, I'm pretty ecstatic and totally proud of their hard work... but... it was a slow, nerve-wracking process. I was pretty worried their projects weren't going to be done on time. I shouldn't have second guessed them - my students always prevail, especially at Christmastime.

We're making their parents coffee sweaters. The fact that I taught myself how to knit by watching a youtube video (this video to be exact) and then considering myself an efficient enough knitter to teach my kids the next day? Probably not my best idea. But it worked. :)

We also have a Christmas program with the theme of our ancestors' traditions. My class is doing Mexican traditions. We've been practicing our play and creating a paper mache star to use as our pinata prop.  
Tomorrow will be our dress rehearsal and more presents for parents. We'll finish up our knitting projects, then make chocolate dipped peppermint sticks.

On Wednesday we're going to learn how to play cribbage and then ice skate in the afternoon.

And then it will be blessed, blissed, wonderful Christmas break. xoxo

What I wore...I felt Christmas-y because I had a red headband on. Does this happen to anyone else? :)
Headband: Charlotte Russe
Dress: Kohls (on clearance for $13!)
Shirt: Target
Tights: KMart
Shoes: Target
Belt: Kohls


  1. You are amazing!! Teaching yourself to knit and then having the students do it for their parents!? I'm in awe :) Great present...

  2. Very cute outfit. Extra points for teaching kids how to knit.

  3. Hi there! So first, I can't believe you guys are still in school! Second, about the peppermint bark, I put my bottom chocolate layer in the freezer until it got pretty hard and then you just have to work super fast with the white chocolate and put the whole thing back in the freezer. Oh, and add more peppermint. Seriously, crush up a ton and press it all over the top to cover any mixing of the chocolate. Good luck next time and have an awesome Christmas!!!

  4. Wow! Do you only get one week off for Christmas break?
    By the way, I love your coffee sweaters and can't believe you picked up knitting from you tube. Amazing.
    And yes, any red accessory at Christmas time completely feels "festive." But that's a good thing, right??

  5. Hey there! Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    Well, to make the dark chocolate not mix with the white in the peppermint bark, you chill the dark layer in the fridge for about an hour before pouring the white chocolate. That way, they don't mix!

  6. What a perfect project!!! LOVE it! Those kids will be so excited to give their families something they made themselves and that looks so intricate!
    I also love the color of the shirt you are wearing with the black dress.

    The Auspicious Life

  7. The cup sweaters are seriously adorable! What a great idea!

    I love your outfit and the red headband just looks fantastic with it, I love a pop of colour!

    I hope your weeks goes smoothly and you have a wonderful Christmas.

  8. Thanks for the kind comments ladies!

    Yes...sadly, we only get one week off this year (well 7 school days). Don't rub it in! Kidding! :) I'm so jealous of the other schools that get more time off!

  9. Wow! Can't believe you taught them to knit! What patience! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.


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