Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Where's your heart at?

Even though the last month has been mostly crummy weather, the fact is that my heart remains here:

It's my latest project, made from wedding fabric leftovers. 

Project inspired by: this and this

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beach bums (finally!)

It was the first nice weekend in about a month. Rain and chilly days have taken over most of June. Needless to say, we were excited to spend some time at the beach.

Telula was the only brave one of the family to jump into Superior. I've been swimming there for years, but it's still too early in the season for me to dare going any further than my ankles in the lake of ice cubes.
"Thanks, Dad!"

dodging the spray 
We love the beach.
"Why yes, I'd love a chin scratch!" Silly puppy...
Ore Docks / Lower Harbor

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Dad's Day...

...to my Dad. I had so much fun with him yesterday and today. I appreciate that he came to visit me on his special day. We spent last night swinging and chatting next to a bonfire and making stovetop popcorn. I made the King of Crisps (aka: Dad) strawberry-banana crisp yesterday and monkey bread this morning for breakfast. We went to church together and then he took off to celebrate with his father.
father-daughter dance ("Daddy's Little Girl") on four.thirty.eleven
one more hug on four.thirty.eleven
He might have "given me away" a month ago, but I'm still his girl. I am blessed with the father that I was given. I am fortunate to have a dad that I enjoy talking to and spending time with. He strived to fill my brother's and my life with happy memories. I wasn't spoiled it the traditional sense of the word, but my family sure spoiled me with love. 
Dad - top row left; George - top row right; Gary - bottom row right

I am also fortunate to have two new Father in Laws! They are both kind and generous people. Christopher was lucky to have them both in his life, and now I am as well.

Happy Father's Day, all!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

School's out for the summer!

*Mrs. L's class now!

Today was bittersweet. I'm excited to be on summer break, but I'll honestly miss my students. After teaching fifth and sixth grade for three years, I am moving on down to first and second grade next year. I can't wait to teach the little ones (!!!), but I will miss teaching my wonderful fifth graders again as sixth graders.

We changed this sign everyday this year. Today we were happy about SUMMER!

I'm not taking much of a break this summer. I'm enrolled in a local division of the National Writing Project. I'll be earning five graduate credits by attending class four days a week. The days are actually longer than normal school days, but I'm really looking forward to the class. Every teacher that has participated says it was the best professional development they'd ever taken.

I'll have more wedding posts soon!
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