Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Dad's Day... my Dad. I had so much fun with him yesterday and today. I appreciate that he came to visit me on his special day. We spent last night swinging and chatting next to a bonfire and making stovetop popcorn. I made the King of Crisps (aka: Dad) strawberry-banana crisp yesterday and monkey bread this morning for breakfast. We went to church together and then he took off to celebrate with his father.
father-daughter dance ("Daddy's Little Girl") on four.thirty.eleven
one more hug on four.thirty.eleven
He might have "given me away" a month ago, but I'm still his girl. I am blessed with the father that I was given. I am fortunate to have a dad that I enjoy talking to and spending time with. He strived to fill my brother's and my life with happy memories. I wasn't spoiled it the traditional sense of the word, but my family sure spoiled me with love. 
Dad - top row left; George - top row right; Gary - bottom row right

I am also fortunate to have two new Father in Laws! They are both kind and generous people. Christopher was lucky to have them both in his life, and now I am as well.

Happy Father's Day, all!

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