Monday, January 31, 2011

Telula wants the spotlight

Does anyone else have trouble taking pictures without their cuddly, adorable, attention-hog pup getting in the way?! :) It's a fun problem to have. I love my pup.

I had this outfit stored away since we were in IL visiting Christopher's family for Christmas.  Oops!

What I wore... to belt or not to belt?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Alice, movies, and tights

On Friday night, Christopher and I went to see a local production of Alice & Wonderland. He bought me tickets for my birthday. We were both totally impressed. The kids sang, danced, and did ribbon dancing. Now, I have an itch to watch my favorite old version of Alice, as well as the new one I got for Christmas. Christopher even agreed to watch them with me. He had never seen (or read) Alice in Wonderland until Friday night.

On Saturday, I visited HJ. We planned a pajama/movie night. We watched:
- Case 39...ridiculous. Seriously. It wasn't at all what I had thought it would be.
Buried...the first 25 minutes. We gave up when we figured out that Ryan would be in the coffin for the next 55 minutes.
Ramona and Beezus...cute. It had Grey's Anatomy and Sex & the City stars!
Beauty & the Briefcase...totally cheesy and girly. We liked it.

I went home today, but right now, we're watching The Lost Valentine. We like to watch movies together and chat on gmail to discuss them as we watch them. HJ loves Betty White, so she suggested this one. It's made me cry four times so far. It is so, so sweet.

What I wore...Since HJ lives in an even smaller town than I do, I got plenty of looks for my bright tights. Oh well, I love colored tights even if others disagree! :)
My extra big-and-curly hair is thanks to the fab tutorial by Katherine
I learned that I need to stop brushing my hair after I wash it... it works!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

pattern dress with stripes

I'm not taking any grad classes this semester, in hopes of focusing on wedding planning. We've been so laid back about the plans (minus one minor cry about the bridesmaid dresses...story to come later) that I'm a smidgen nervous that we're going to go into full-on freak out mode sometime soon.

Although I'm not in grad classes through the University, I am participating in my biannual (teaching) book study. Tonight is the first meeting. It's on The Daily Five. I've heard nothing but good things about the book, and I'm really eager to learn more. Basically, it sounds like it's a system that teachers use to train their students to work independently on certain, valuable literacy tasks. While they work on their own, the teacher is free to meet with individual students. I have something similar already in place in my classroom, but I can always get better!

What I wore...
Linda announced that today is Breton Stripes Day. I can't figure out how to put the button on this post (copy/paste has always worked before?), so go here to learn more. :)'s my stripes. I'm totally mixing patterns today, something I next to never do. I think I like it.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Being the 100% non-bowler that I am, it should come as a surprise that I am in a bowling league. HJ is not thrilled. ;-)

The league is entirely not my choosing, but... turns out, it's pretty fun. Not the bowling part, that is. Let me be clear - bowling is not my thing. I enjoy hanging out with our league-mates, Christopher's coworkers.

League is once a month. I have a commute to work, and since my little incident I've been driving a solid 25-30mph the whole way. By the time I get back into town, it's time to head straight to the bowling alley. This means, my bowling attire is a little too professional for the jeans-and-sweatshirts alley. Oh well. This week I got a few compliments on my school outfit.

And I got three strikes. Not in a row. But still, it was cool.

Not that I care...much. :)
What I wore... It's a new shirt and new skirt!
Winter boots...outside only!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

One step closer... being married!

Today, Christopher and I headed down to meet with the priest that will be marrying us. He wanted to give us a book of readings and prayers to choose from, so that we could start planning the actual ceremony. After, we went to mass at the church that we'll married in.

The church is beautiful. More than its lovely appearance, it holds a special place in my heart. It's where my parents were married in 1981. It's where my grandparents attended mass for 60+ years together. It's the place I attended Christmas Eve mass every year when I was growing up. I remember the "cry room" where we would sit when my little brother was a baby. I remember Nonie bringing me to church with a backpack of books to keep me quiet. She recalls times that I would zipppppp open the bag to retrieve a book and zippppp it closed. And then repeat, over and over throughout mass. I remember helping with their pasty sales. I remember attending family reunions and high school graduations in the church hall....

It may not be the church we attend weekly (it's an hour away from where we live) or the church I attended weekly growing up (it's two hours away from there), but it sure feels like a church I can call my own.

So, 98 days until Christopher is my husband. :) One of the many things I love about him is the way he acts during church. He holds our book and puts his arm around me during the songs. He holds my hand during the gospel. He hugs me instead of shaking my hand during the exchanging of peace. He is the picture of solemnity during prayers.... but every now and then, he'll poke my side and make me grin. I love attending mass with him.

What I wore...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A celebration recap...

...cause it was my birthday on Saturday! :-) This weekend was pure happiness. Here's a little recap...

My dad arrived at my place Friday night. The King of Crisp and I made apple crisp together - his specialty.
Saturday morning, Dad and I chatted over some coffee until Christopher arrived with flowers and cake! This was the second cake he made me this year! Christopher made a cake for my class for a birthday treat on Friday. (Forgetful Angela left the remaining cake at school, so he made me another one. My kids enjoyed an extra birthday treat on Monday.)
I turned 72... obviously.
The three of us went to my students' first basketball game of the year. They won! I was so proud of the kids! My dad was so excited to meet my students and their families.
Dad, Christopher, and I went out to brunch at the local bagel shop. I told Christopher that all I wanted for my birthday was for him to drink coffee with me. I think it's romantic, but he doesn't usually drink coffee. He obliged my birthday wish.

Then we picked up Lula and headed to the dog park.
My eyes aren't closed! Promise. They're just squinty because I thought my eyeballs were going to freeze.
It was fun, but it was frigid. After a lap of my dad walking in silence (very unusual for him!), we knew it was time to head back inside and eat cake.

Christopher sang to me while my dad snapped pictures.

We ate (my favorite) funfetti cake.
I opened presents from my family.
Dad's card almost made me cry.
We took pictures before my dad left.
Christopher tangoed with Telula.
He posed for a cute butt shot... later, I realized I somehow snapped three butts in this pic, one including my father's. Awkward. :)

After Dad left, we headed to the gym to get a good workout in, got ready for a night out, and opened more presents.

Christopher brought me out to dinner.
Christopher's (pasta) dinner was 23984987234x better than mine (whitefish). Being the sweetheart he is, he offered to switch with me. I chose to keep mine and steal every other bite of his.
We shared my green beans with our fingers...classy.
Christopher's a master at mixing prints. Love the checkered shirt with the paisley tie. He's good!

It was a lovely birthday. I was so blessed to have my dad in town, and I am so happy with the fun day Christopher planned for me. Ah, love. xoxo

On Sunday, HJ came to visit for the day! She took me out to lunch. Delicious. Personal pizzas and waffle fries. We caught up on Grey's and life. One thing we did not do was take a picture. So this is us. Years ago.
HJ, Angel (nope, not Telula!), and me (our snowpeople are based on my brother and his curly fro and JLo in her low cut dress)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Home by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

This song makes my heart smile. Christopher and I love it. We'll have it played sometime during our wedding day... I'd love it to be the exit song (is that recessional?) at the wedding, but I'm not sure if our priest will allow a non-church song to be played.
This cover of the song is too adorable for words:

Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's my birthday... I shall celebrate.

My dad came up to visit me! We've got a fun day planned with Christopher (& Telula)!

First off, we're going to watch my students play basketball. And yes, I think this is fun. :-)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two best friends & pup with much patience

This is what happens when two silly friends get together and a beautiful dog lets us play....
(P.S. Telula loved this... not even kidding. She'll put up with anything for a little lovin' and attention.)
Telula is smiling! See her grin?! She loves Auntie Holli.
And this is when the silliness begins...

Holli thinking, "Is this wrong? Should we take the paper off the pup?"
Ang & Holli in agreement, "Nah, let's keep going."
Telula, "Zzz....Do what you want. I am le tired."
"Who's the cutest puppy in the world?!"
Poor Telula... spoiled rotten with love... but has to play dress up with her ma.
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