Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen...1 Top 3 Ways

I met my best friend in college. We were sophomores. We've basically been inseparable since the first night we hung out and HJ and I watched The Butterfly Effect in my dorm room. In typical best friend style, we have a billion and one memories in the decade (oops, six years - how did we collect so many memories in that short of time?) or so that we've been friends. The one thing we hadn't done together... and that HJ would get on my case about... was bowl.

I don't like bowling.

I've never been a fan of bowling. I mean, it's okay... I always have fun with the people I go with, laughing and hanging out. But as far as the actual game of rolling a ball down a lane? It's just not my favorite.

HJ understood that I didn't like the game, so she dropped it... but then I bowled a few times with Christopher. We'd just started dating, and it was hard to turn down a cute boy's request to hang out. And then last year, Christopher's coworkers formed a bowling league. I got thrown into the mix by default. HJ has been teasing me without mercy about my supposed hate of the game, yet membership in a league.

Well, this weekend will go down in the books as the first time HJ and I bowled together. Christopher and his brother invited us. We accepted. You're welcome, best friend.

Trying to decide what to wear, I came up with a few new mixes:

Mix 1:

Mix 2:

Mix 3:


  1. I like the third mix, I'm a sucker for bright tights!

  2. Oooh-I love the belted scarf and hot pink tights in the last one!
    And I am so bad at bowling it's not even funny.

  3. I love that you aren't afraid to use color!! Gotto go with the 3rd mix, I also love the 1st though... it's very classy!

  4. I love these kinds of posts...where we see side-by-side the same item different ways. You made it so versatile! I think I like the 1st classic look best. But they are all great!

    The Auspicious Life

  5. Cool post! I'd be most likely to wear style number 3.


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