Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Three more days...

...girl, you know I will be coming home to you, darling." Name the tune? Anyone? Actually, I'll make it harder. Name the artist. It was one of our theme songs when we were doing the long distance thing.  Three more days.... day three of the challenge.... and last week we celebrated our three year date-a-versary.  Three's a great number.
In other important news, I have the Cutest. Fiance. Ever.  (Shoot.  He hates "cute"...... Replace "Cutest" with "Hottest" and let's call it a day.)


  1. Ahh!!! Ray LaMontagne!!! Love!!! My fiancee and I have a pretty big thing for him, as in, our first dance at our wedding will likely be one of his songs. So I love that! I also love your shoes! :-)

  2. HAHA I love that 60s are a heatwave for you, but for me (in CA), that's about as cold as it gets during winter! Your dress is so cute! Very vintage-chic!

  3. I like this dress, reminds me of the 60s or something...not that I was around for that decade. I'd like to see you throw a jacket or blazer on it...and maybe a chunky belt if you have one.

    I just gave you a freebie for the that cheating? :)

    My husband doesn't like it when I call him cute either...but he IS cute, so there!!

  4. Ray LaMontagne! I love that song! And that's a beautiful outfit too :)

  5. Thanks ladies! (I never know if I should reply on here or on your blogs... any suggestions? I'm new to this blogging thing....)

    Ab - What song are you guys thinking? We LOVE Ray also. I love "Best Thing," but I think it might be kind of a weird beat for our first dance.

    Amy - Thanks! And I'm jealous.... we're thinking about moving south. Winter (as in: really long/really cold winter) = blah.

    Linz - Thanks for the freebie! :) I have a sweater I'm thinking about using for the next time I wear the dress, but I didn't put a blazer in the mix....shoot! Definitely a belt next time too!

    Lauren - thanks! And me too!


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