Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Eavesdropping and NINETEEN

Today I overheard two students discussing why leaves change color and when they learned this information (do you know why? It's a huge misconception with many people - that and seasons. I admit - I didn't know until I had to teach it.).

Student 1: We learned it last year in fourth grade.
Student 2: Fourth grade was a long time ago.
Student 1: Yeah, but you should still remember.
Student 2: But I don't even remember when I was three!
(Because I bet she was three after she was in fourth grade.... perfect logic!)

Love my kids. And by 'my kids' I mean my students. They become mine when they walk through my classroom door. I always meant to write down/remember funny morsels of wisdom/words from my kids, but until this year I have failed miserably. I've been better about it this year and it's definitely brightening up the year so far. When I have kids of my own someday, they will have no chance of not being embarrassed by their Mom. At least with my students, I don't bring up the funny things they say (um, to them that is... usually.). Future kids of my own - watch out. I will remember and use your words to make people laugh. Maybe even in front of you. It's cool though - everyone will just think you're as cute as can be.

Outfit.... we'll call it nineteen. I still have a bunch saved from the weekend. I need to start double posting these babies:

Shirt: Gap
Skirt: Forever 21
Tights: Walmart
Boots: Younkers


  1. Do leaves change because the days get shorter? BTW, LOOOVE your boots. So perfect!

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  2. I...have no idea why leaves change colour...you should tell us why, I have a desperate urge to know but googling it would not be as much fun.

    You have the loveliest dog, his/her fur looks so silky!

    The outfit is amazing too, I love the victorian feel to it, it's just missing a cameo necklace or brooch to finish it off :D

  3. aw i love the crisp button up with the gray skirt--so classic and pretty!

  4. Well the big misconception about leaf changing is that the colors just appear out of nowhere. My kids are always shocked about the fact that the leaves always contain the colors; they're just masked most of the year. The whole season changing thing still kinda baffles me (bad teacher....). It's not because the Earth is closer to the sun during the summer. So confusing.

    Pam - thanks about my pup. I've become a weird dog lady. She's become my kid. I like your idea about a cameo or brooch!

    Tania - Thanks!! :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog ladies!


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