Monday, November 15, 2010

25 or SIX to four (and SEVEN)

I had school today.  This would not come as a surprise to most of the nation.  It's a Monday, right?  Well, around these here parts, most schools are closed.  Tis called Deer Day and it's the schools' way of saying, "Okay we know most of our students will not show up on opening day of hunting season, so let's just close the schools so they don't miss anything."  When my alarm rang at 5:00a.m. (and again and again in increments of 7 minutes until I finally rose out of bed 6:03......I told you I'm a procrastinator!), I was trying to keep my jealousy of those without school today at bay.  But, it was a good day.  And I like my outfit.

Christopher and I drove to The Farm this weekend to visit my dad, attend mass at the church we're going to be married in (it's where my parents were married!), and for Christopher to get ready for hunting season with my dad.  Dad is a hunting finatic.  Chris is trying it out. The Farm is my family's in when my dad's side of the family came to America from Sweden, this was their land and this is where the old farmhouse stood.  The current farmhouse is the second one built.  My dad has been fixing the house and the land up.  It's his weekend getaway and dream house.  I love it there.

So, Saturday's outfit was for bumming around the farm, going to church, and doing farm things like sit on wood stoves:

I learned how to do this bun on The Daybook

Day 7 - just another day at school


  1. I'm loving the over the knee socks and I have serious boot envy!

  2. I love the layered look in look six!

  3. OMG!! Are you serious!? Day off for hunting? That is crazy. And I thought I just needed to be jealous of snow days...

    Love the socks and boots :)

  4. I love your red skirt! I think I might have the same one. lol And I love your striped socks peeking of your cute!

    I can't believe you guys have a day of from school for hunting!

  5. Thanks ladies! Clarification: My school doesn't do Deer Days, so unfortunately I didn't get the day off. But... days off for hunting?! I agree - completely crazy!!!


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