Friday, November 19, 2010

ELEVEN:11 is just a precious time

When Christopher and I decided to get a dog together, it was a big step for us. We'd been dating just short of a year. I was convinced I needed a dog to protect me because at that time I was living in a teeny tiny town, 30 miles past civilization. My only 'neighbors' were a tavern and a general store that closed at 7:00pm. Our obvious choice for a protective dog was a golden retriever. You know - the really ferocious breed that families with small children always get? Right.

We drove three hours (each way) to pick her out... on a school/work night. Love, I tell ya! I stayed at Christopher's house that night - it was late and we both wanted to be with our pup on her first night. Midway through the night she got up, spun around, and peed. On me. Christopher just watched, not knowing what exactly she was doing. When he figured it out, he burst out laughing. When I figured it out, well... I laughed too. It happened too fast to stop. One minute she's spinning around, all cute and puppy-like...the next second my knee is wet. Way to make an entrance into our little family, Telula! Is it weird that this is one of our fondest memories of Telula as a puppy? We've had her for just over two years now, but just thinking about Christopher watching her, uh, 'go' on me... it still makes me laugh. She turned out to be the best dog; she even goes to school with me. Cheers to Telula.
Telula made it into our engagement shots:

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  1. Yay for dogs! Fiancee can't wait until we have a place and we're married. He hasn't had a dog of his own for several years and he's getting very eager to have one again. I've never had a dog, but I love them, so I'm excited, too! Your dog is so pretty! :-)


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