Sunday, January 30, 2011

Alice, movies, and tights

On Friday night, Christopher and I went to see a local production of Alice & Wonderland. He bought me tickets for my birthday. We were both totally impressed. The kids sang, danced, and did ribbon dancing. Now, I have an itch to watch my favorite old version of Alice, as well as the new one I got for Christmas. Christopher even agreed to watch them with me. He had never seen (or read) Alice in Wonderland until Friday night.

On Saturday, I visited HJ. We planned a pajama/movie night. We watched:
- Case 39...ridiculous. Seriously. It wasn't at all what I had thought it would be.
Buried...the first 25 minutes. We gave up when we figured out that Ryan would be in the coffin for the next 55 minutes.
Ramona and Beezus...cute. It had Grey's Anatomy and Sex & the City stars!
Beauty & the Briefcase...totally cheesy and girly. We liked it.

I went home today, but right now, we're watching The Lost Valentine. We like to watch movies together and chat on gmail to discuss them as we watch them. HJ loves Betty White, so she suggested this one. It's made me cry four times so far. It is so, so sweet.

What I wore...Since HJ lives in an even smaller town than I do, I got plenty of looks for my bright tights. Oh well, I love colored tights even if others disagree! :)
My extra big-and-curly hair is thanks to the fab tutorial by Katherine
I learned that I need to stop brushing my hair after I wash it... it works!


  1. Your colored tights are adorable. I think it's so funny when people stare at stylish outfits while they were probably just wearing sweat pants...
    Oh and my hubby had never seen Alice in Wonderland either! I made him watch the new version the other night but we're definitely going to be having an Alice marathon! =)

  2. I love watching movies with my boyfriend as well, though our favourite genres are a bit different! And I agree with the brush thing! Mine looks so much better if I don't brush it afterwards. Else it gets really frizzy and huge! x

  3. Love it! The coloured tights are fabulous and I love Alice in Wonderland. I prefer the Disney version to the modern (it was gorgeous looking but there was so little plot, eh I still enjoy watching it for how vibrant it looks).

  4. Glad you had fun! Love those tights!

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
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  5. Your colored tights always work so great with your outfit. Keep it up!

  6. Cute post, I love your tights. xoxo

  7. Love Love LOVE the hair!!!! I am very jealous!


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