Thursday, January 20, 2011

A celebration recap...

...cause it was my birthday on Saturday! :-) This weekend was pure happiness. Here's a little recap...

My dad arrived at my place Friday night. The King of Crisp and I made apple crisp together - his specialty.
Saturday morning, Dad and I chatted over some coffee until Christopher arrived with flowers and cake! This was the second cake he made me this year! Christopher made a cake for my class for a birthday treat on Friday. (Forgetful Angela left the remaining cake at school, so he made me another one. My kids enjoyed an extra birthday treat on Monday.)
I turned 72... obviously.
The three of us went to my students' first basketball game of the year. They won! I was so proud of the kids! My dad was so excited to meet my students and their families.
Dad, Christopher, and I went out to brunch at the local bagel shop. I told Christopher that all I wanted for my birthday was for him to drink coffee with me. I think it's romantic, but he doesn't usually drink coffee. He obliged my birthday wish.

Then we picked up Lula and headed to the dog park.
My eyes aren't closed! Promise. They're just squinty because I thought my eyeballs were going to freeze.
It was fun, but it was frigid. After a lap of my dad walking in silence (very unusual for him!), we knew it was time to head back inside and eat cake.

Christopher sang to me while my dad snapped pictures.

We ate (my favorite) funfetti cake.
I opened presents from my family.
Dad's card almost made me cry.
We took pictures before my dad left.
Christopher tangoed with Telula.
He posed for a cute butt shot... later, I realized I somehow snapped three butts in this pic, one including my father's. Awkward. :)

After Dad left, we headed to the gym to get a good workout in, got ready for a night out, and opened more presents.

Christopher brought me out to dinner.
Christopher's (pasta) dinner was 23984987234x better than mine (whitefish). Being the sweetheart he is, he offered to switch with me. I chose to keep mine and steal every other bite of his.
We shared my green beans with our fingers...classy.
Christopher's a master at mixing prints. Love the checkered shirt with the paisley tie. He's good!

It was a lovely birthday. I was so blessed to have my dad in town, and I am so happy with the fun day Christopher planned for me. Ah, love. xoxo

On Sunday, HJ came to visit for the day! She took me out to lunch. Delicious. Personal pizzas and waffle fries. We caught up on Grey's and life. One thing we did not do was take a picture. So this is us. Years ago.
HJ, Angel (nope, not Telula!), and me (our snowpeople are based on my brother and his curly fro and JLo in her low cut dress)


  1. Sounds like you had a fun day, birthdays are awesome.

    Thanks for the comment on my engagement announcement. We're not starting to officially plan yet but that won't stop me working out prices and looking up floaty medieval style wedding dresses. :D

  2. happy birthday!!! goodness, you and your christopher are a handsome couple!! (is it just me, or are christophers the cutest?)

  3. happy birthday!! funfetti cake is my favorite too. and both you and Christopher are so cute! i especially love the green bean picture. :)

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!


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