Sunday, January 9, 2011

My man earned 50+ bonus points today

Christopher is the best. Obviously. I'm marrying his socks off, aren't I? (I'll let him keep his socks on though.)

Today, we went to the Bridal Expo. It was at the local University. Hundreds of ladies were there, checking out wedding vendors of every sort. Christopher was one of about three men there (not including vendors, of course). He agreed to go when we saw the flyer at our gym. There was no bribing (or bickering for that matter). Just, "Hey, wanna go to this wedding thing with me on Sunday?" and he agreed. Ladies were commenting the whole time on what a sport he was to be there. I agree. I felt lucky.

I get the fact that usually ladies care more about the details of the wedding than the guys do... but at the same time, I don't. Doesn't the guy care which DJ is there? The transportation that's involved in the day? The photographer? Whatev. Christopher encourages me to choose what I want, but he's been incredibly involved in everything. Maybe it's because I have never been one of those girls that plans their wedding since age six. I need his help and his opinions in this whole planning business.

Anyway, we tasted some incredible food, checked out some sweet photobooths, and learned a bit more about what else we need to get done before the big day. And! Christopher got compared to Ryan Gosling (score! Usually it's Josh Groban).

Best quote of the day, "Ang, there's no guys here. Everyone probably thinks I'm your gay best friend here for support." Then he burst out laughing, not caring what anyone thought. I love this man.

The other best quote of Christopher's, "Bud Light? Why yes, I'd like a sample. I have to make sure we're only getting the best for our guests." This was during the bridal fashion show. Needless to say, there were no complaints then either. ;)

What I wore...


  1. Love that first image. super duper cute :)

  2. You have an awesome guy, to go along with you like that. I also love his two quotes--very funny. Literally made me laugh out loud. I also love your outfit. Its super cute!

  3. What a trooper! And what a cute outfit! I'm've got yourself a sweetheart!...And that quote is hilarious!

  4. I don't know how you found my blog but now I found yours! :) I LOVE your outfits! We have similar tastes so I'll be checking back for ideas! :)

  5. gah, you're adorable! i love the skirt--i can't believe it's forever 21--how long is it? and the stripes and the boots...swoon swoon.
    and your christopher sounds like a huge sweetheart!

  6. You two are so adorable! love your outfits!

  7. This was us too! He was all about the cake samples.

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