Tuesday, June 7, 2011

School's out for the summer!

*Mrs. L's class now!

Today was bittersweet. I'm excited to be on summer break, but I'll honestly miss my students. After teaching fifth and sixth grade for three years, I am moving on down to first and second grade next year. I can't wait to teach the little ones (!!!), but I will miss teaching my wonderful fifth graders again as sixth graders.

We changed this sign everyday this year. Today we were happy about SUMMER!

I'm not taking much of a break this summer. I'm enrolled in a local division of the National Writing Project. I'll be earning five graduate credits by attending class four days a week. The days are actually longer than normal school days, but I'm really looking forward to the class. Every teacher that has participated says it was the best professional development they'd ever taken.

I'll have more wedding posts soon!


  1. Hey! Congrats on seeing your class through to the end of the year, it looks as though they really love you! I remember when I was elementary school age, the teachers I still remember now are the ones like you, the ones who cared and made learning fun.

  2. COngrats it's the end of the year and have a lovely summer!

    Neat post!

    My Lyfe ; My Story

    @MyLyfeMyStory on twitter


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