Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Snow is falling down as you step out of your car..."

"...Presents in your arms and you've traveled far." Yup, I'm listening to Hanson Christmas (Snowed In) compliments of one of my good friends circa 1998. :)

Today was the LAST day of school until 2011. Finally! Highlights of the day: wrapping our gifts (coffee sweaters and chocolate-covered peppermint sticks & stirring spoons), a lesson on cribbage (fun game + math practice... score!), ice skating, and a little present exchange. I wrapped their presents in leftover newspapers (we're a Green School!) and decorated them with yarn. For a crazy day-after-the-Christmas-program-and-last-day-of-school-before-winter-break, it was fun. I got many compliments on how our snowflakes turned out. They're so pretty and so easy!

Our Christmas program went very well last night. My class had the best play. No bias. ;) It made for a looooong day for Teacher though. I was at school at 7:00am and didn't get home till after 10pm. Christopher came to watch the program. Since he doesn't get to visit my school very often, he makes a point of bringing flowers when he does visit. The girls were all oohing and ahhing over them. Thank you sweetheart. I love these sparkly orchids! The students also told Christopher that I talk about him all the time. At least they added that it's all good! :)

Christopher and I are doing our Christmas tomorrow night and I'm super excited. We'll be heading to my grandparents' houses for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, then heading to his dad's house for the rest of Christmas break. It made sense to do our Christmas exchange before we left so we wouldn't have more presents to haul... well, unless we decide to bring our new stuff with us!

What I wore...Christmas program apparel:


  1. I enjoy your holiday-esque tights! They make the entire outfit.

  2. You look gorgeous! And what a sweetheart for bringing you flowers!

  3. You are too cute. Where do you get your colored tights? I definitely need to try some! And yes, I am usually a movie renter too. I just have to have the ability to press stop so I can grab snacks and go potty. Yes, I still behave like a five-year-old. You two enjoy your Christmas together!!!

  4. Love those snowflakes!! Sounds like everything went very well at school :) Enjoy your vacation!!

  5. New reader here! Love the high-waisted skirt with the pop of red tights. I've been wanting to where red tights to school for awhile (I work in a high school) but I'm scared of the reactions. Anybody say anything? :)

    Hope and the Dress Code


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