Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy birthday to you, this is your day.

Yesterday, was my man's birthday. 27! I can call him an old man for exactly one month and one day, since that is exactly how much younger I am than him. :)
Christopher's 26th birthday (last year)

In celebration of Christopher's changing of age, I made him a homemade ice cream cake. I'd never made one before, and he (and his coworkers) loved it. Success! (Ice cream cake was his request. Who wants ice cream cake in the middle of winter?! My man apparently.)
I had to leave for school (really) early, so I tricked him into picking up his cake at my house. I told him that I had forgotten to let Telula outside before I left. (Bad dog momma, huh?! Good thing I didn't actually forget). He found this sign on my bedroom door when he got to my place:
Just in case anyone else wanted the "recipe":
I made a (box) devil's food cake in a 9x13 pan. When it cooled, I cut it in half so that there were two thin layers of cake. I had envisioned making the end product into layers (cake/ice cream/cake/ice cream) but it was too thick for my pan, so I made two ice cream cakes instead.
I put one layer of cake down on the bottom of the pan. In a separate bowl, I mixed softened chocolate ice cream, cool whip (lite because... it made me feel better ha!), and half a box of crushed oreos. I put a thick layer using half of the ice cream mixture on top of the cake. Then I sprinkled more oreos on top and drizzled chocolate syrup all over. I did the same for the other ice cream cake.
Easy peasy and I keep getting awesome compliments on it. Had there been a Dairy Queen nearby, I would have just bought a cake. People have been saying it's even better than DQ cakes. Yay! Enjoy!! :o)

After work, I took him out to his favorite Italian restaurant. Every year, we talk about the fact that we only go to that restaurant once a year and decide we should go more often. And then it's his birthday again and we haven't been there in a year. :)

I was pretty tricky with his gifts this year. One of his presents was a golf shirt that I had actually bought when he was with me at the golf course last summer. He had an inkling at the time that I was hiding a shirt... but of course he forgot all about it since then. Yay!

Every birthday, he receives The Office's newest season on DVD. I was actually going to give it to him for Christmas this year, but he made a big deal out of it being tradition so I caved. :) With that, he got a card game called WHAC A MOLE. If you watched The Office last season, you will be in our little joke. Since Pam's sister "WHAC'ed" Angela, we've been reenacting the fun.

Happy birthday, Love. Hope your loved your day. :)

What I wore...
Shameless, I tell ya. I did not make that card for him. I just used it to pose.
Button down: Abercrombie
Sweater: hand-me-down from a coworker (Calvin Klein brand)
Pants: Old, old, old...
Shoes: New! Target
Pearls: Were my mom's


  1. Cute!!
    We have a birthday dinner restaurant, too.

    The Auspicious Life

  2. My boyfriend also loves ice cream cake. Give me the recipe!

  3. Awww...poor boyfriend just turned 26 and I've been giving him a bit of hard time. He hardly looks a day over 18. What's with that? Hope you guys had a wonderful time!!! And congrats on the 30. Great job!

  4. Linda - As much as I'd like to go there more often, it's so special when we go just for birthdays! :)

    Rebecca - I sent it to you! :)

    Ramsey - I love it! We did have a wonderful time. Do you get called out on being young too? I'll be 27 in a month and I was confused for being an 8th grader at my school just last year. Insane!


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