Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy (Married) New Year

Christopher and I celebrated our first New Years together as a married couple!

I made a "party hat".
We posed in our living room before guests arrived.
I made a bunch of appetizers for cocktail hour(s) before dinner. Telula thought she might like some...
It was the 2nd Annual NYE fancy dinner at a local restaurant.
Our waitor took a not-ready picture...
...and then a ready one.
We waited for the very infamous NYE ball to drop.
We warmed up inside the restaurant after the drop.
Waterfall backdrop photo op:
"Maybe we should try a picture without my top hat?"
Happy 2012!
Telula is my little love. Best puppy ever.
Bryan and his doggy-niece
My brother(in-law)... and those cupboards will eventually have doors. For now, it's really easy to find kitchen goods.
Christopher and his boys... they're a good bunch.

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