Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Resolutions

I think I did okay with my resolutions for 2011. It was a good thing I blogged them, or I would have, once again, forgotten them.

This year, my resolutions are similar to those from 2011:
- put God first everyday; go to church every week
- be a fabulous wife to Christopher; fall more in love everyday
- simplify; continue to get rid of unnecessary stuff and focus on what is important
- be a better friend by being the one to call, invite, etc.
- be bikini ready for our honeymoon in April
- blog more often; 2x/week
- do more projects; it's what I love

My overall goal for 2012 is: faith and family first. 
(Of course, that would include friends that have become family!)

Oh, and Christopher's 2012 resolution?
I kid, I kid.

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