Monday, January 16, 2012

Yesterday was my birthday.
Christopher & I at Nonie's house
Today, it was back to work. I still can't stop giggling about this conversation I had with my class:
{after reading a picture book about MLK to my students} 
Me --- "Does anyone have any important dreams like Dr. Martin Luther King., Jr. had?"
Kid --- "My dream is that the Goosebumps characters would come alive so we could be friends."
Me --- "Okay... well, that's not real. Does anyone have any real dreams?"
Kid --- "I have a real mouse that helps me read. He whispers me the word when I get stuck."
Me --- "Okay... hmm... so, I'm wondering if anyone has any real, important dreams they could share?"
Kid --- "My dream is that Daily Five was Daily Thousand and we could do that all day!" (Daily Five is our reading/writing/spelling block of the day. I'll take that answer!)

Between that and my kids' guesses that I either turned 1, 16, 19, or 63 yesterday (and TWO amazing birthday treats for snack!)... I'm going to go ahead and say it was a good Monday.


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