Sunday, July 1, 2012


Last Thursday, we made the trek down to Illinois. Christopher's dad's side lives there, in the hometown of Ronald Reagan. We missed the Reagan Run by a week and Mumford and Sons on the River by a month, but we did have much to celebrate:

It was our first time in Illinois in over a year.
Christopher's dad and stepmom celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary on Thursday.
Christopher's dad retired on Friday.
I got a pedicure and painted my toes orange on Friday! 
(Yes, this deserves celebration. I will celebrate anytime a massage is involved!)
Christopher's grandparents celebrated 50 years of marriage on Saturday.
The family surprised his grandparents with a party on Sunday!

Lopacs trippin'

No, that is not Canada.
And no, I don't know why my picture is sideways! Instagram has never done that to me!

Be still my heart! Endless options of pasties! 
The trip was worth it, just to stop in this little pasty shop!

Open your eyes, girl!
Third caffeinated drink on the trip, and go!

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