Monday, July 2, 2012


There are mythical animals in Illinois. Take for example the coydog:
I couldn't get a clear picture of him (her?) because he (she?) is fast and shy. C's parents claim it is a coyote-dog mix. I claim coyotes eat dogs during snacktime. So. 

We hoped to see a giraphant, but I guess we were in the wrong part of Illinois for a sighting?

This is not a mythical beast:
That is Telula in her grandparents' backyard. She looks happy here, but the 100+ temps had her panting all weekend.

Illinois, 10:00AM:
C says he misses Illinois storms. I say white-outs stink in the winter in the U.P. I'm glad we don't have rain-outs in the summer, too! When we couldn't see the road, we cancelled our shopping trip to the next town.

Nicole (Christopher's cousin) and Cindy (his stepmom) made over forty pounds of Grandma June's (super secret recipe) barbecue for the anniversary party: 
Most would say her barbecue is magical. Grandma June said they did a good job imitating her recipe. Christopher said it was good, but wasn't quite the same. They forgot to bottle up June's love to pour in.

Christopher supervised the barbecue making. He quizzed himself on American history, in between checking measurements and taste-testing heaping spoonfuls.

The one in the middle is my husband. Christopher, like wine, has improved with age.

I admit it! I was fake-napping! Christopher was not. Neither was chickenhead and Telula!

This was my favorite picture from the trip:

Telula's been brought up to believe she is a lapdog. Don't you dare tell her otherwise!

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