Thursday, July 5, 2012


It seems to me, that holidays are just not the same when you're in-between.

You see, C and I are no longer at the candy-snatching-parade-going age. (To be clear, we're no longer at the acceptable age to be snatching candy at parades.)

We don't have children, so we don't spend the day running from parades to food fest to fireworks to bed.

We're just two in-betweeners, content to run errands in the morning, finish projects in the afternoon, grill dinner with friends, and catch tiny glimpses of fireworks from our porch between trees.

At any rate (and at any age), we had a nice holiday.
red, white, and blue
Uncle Sam
But wait, did you see what I see?
Somehow or another, I up and married Captain America!
Christopher said it was a swing for one.
But the fireworks and lightning lit the sky,
and we tried to be romantical and sit all close-like.
He was right; it was a swing for one.

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