Tuesday, June 12, 2012


After months of pleading and convincing from Christopher, I have upgraded my vehicle. I've always hated change, so trading in my little cranberry Saturn was difficult for me. I shouldn't get so attached to things. I know, but! The memories!
Dear Cranberry Saturn,

It's been a long, beautiful ride. We've been through so much together. You were my top pick when my little white Ford Escort got too expensive to keep up back in 2003. You didn't have power locks, windows, or STEERING (seriously, I still can't believe you didn't have power steering!), but you made up for it with your smooth ride and high miles per gallon.

You transported me all over Wisconsin, the U.P., and even downstate. You were the first car I drove over the Mackinac Bridge (eek!). Each trip we made over it was easier and more carefree.

You put up with my mix CDs and audiobooks. Wait, put up? I mean, you were rewarded with my excellent music and intellectual (or not) books.

Remember when I left you with my parents while I had an interview in Arizona? I knew they'd keep you safe until I returned. You were so good, they forgot you were there. You didn't make a peep when my stepmother backed her Jeep right on top of your hood. That was your only accident and I wasn't even there for it! Good thing they had you fixed up before I got back! 

You listened to my tears of heartache. You heard my squeals of glee and saw my double fist pumps.

You were with me through (most of) college. What fun times! I drove you home to Green Bay occasionally on weekends, and through Marquette during the week.

You were with me on my very first date with Christopher!

I drove you safely to visit Christopher for nearly a year when we dated long distance. Gladstone to Eau Claire was an exciting trip, full of anticipation. Eau Claire to Gladstone was a long, quiet trip, full of wonder of when I'd see my love again.

You got me to my interview at my current (and past) school. You kept me safe for nearly four years while I drove over 50 miles a day on back roads, easily dodging black ice and deer.

Holli and I road tripped with you. Maybe one of the most memorable trips was to Country USA. You helped shade us in the 100+ degree weather. You saw our ridiculous homemade videos. You heard us practice (yes, practice) our parts in RENT musicals. Over and over. You listened to us ask my little green Bible and radio stations for advice on the night and the future.

Two years ago, my students wrote a song about me visiting Nonie. You were in the song! One of the girls said she could change the lyrics to my new car, but I told her to keep them as is. You will be forever remembered in the line, 

Over the highway and through the woods to Nonie's house she goes
Mrs. Lopac's cranberry Saturn knows the way in the white and drifting snow.

You got me to my wedding rehearsal! And wedding appointments! And my WEDDING! On time even!

You may have logged in 166,000+ miles already, but you have plenty of life left in you, old girl. Good luck with your new owner. Hopefully she'll have as good of taste in music as me.


My new ride, ready for years of memory making.

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