Monday, June 25, 2012


Over the last few years, wait, over the last ten years... ten years? How did that happen? It'll be ten years this August from when I started my freshman year of college. Ten years?...


Over the last decade, I collected inherited was gifted things to furnish my college dorm, college apartments, and post-college apartments. Christopher was the same. When we got hitched last April and combined our assets, then bought a house a few months later, we had enough stuff to overfill our house with old furniture.

And then we were given more used furniture.

I mean, what else would you give newlyweds that just bought a house? (gift cards to Target are nice)

We're using a lot of it. I love the pieces that have sentimental value. We have bedside tables that my dad made for my mom when I was little. We have a rocking chairs that belonged to our parents and grandparents. Our table belonged to Christopher's mom.

But some of the items were given to us via neighbors of our families, or just plain picked up along the curb. While sentimental pieces seem perfect, just the way they are, these other items needed a bit of sprucing up.

We have Christopher has moved them into our apartment, our new house's basement, out to the shed, then into our garage. Finally, (finally!) I started updating them so they can be added to our decor.

Well, sanding is not my favorite. How would you feel?

These are the first three pieces. The front and back pieces were given to us by neighbors of C's mom. The middle piece was picked up off the curb in college.

After one coat --- Christopher and I both forgot about primer. Shoot.

C and T decided to pack their things and run away.
And they weren't even painting! The nerve!

two coats

After three coats, I decided we'll need four.
Next time, I shall use primer!

I stopped painting in time for dinner. Christopher and Telula came home when I announced egg sandwiches were on the menu. 
I'll finish the painting this week, but maybe not tomorrow. Ouch!

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