Friday, February 18, 2011

A few v-day projects...

...better late than never! Oh, how I love projects!

I "made" Valentines for my students:

idea from: made

I made a homemade card for my love, Christopher:

e.e. cummings

I made cupcake toppers that say "u"...... "n'"....... "me." We're thinking about using something similar for our wedding cupcake topper. I surprised Christopher with a muffin with these in it Valentine's Day morning:
I know I saw a similar idea somewhere on the web, but I can't remember where!

And I made a heart pin, modeled here:


  1. This DIY project is extremely cute!!

  2. How cute!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

    P.S. My boots are from Forever 21

  3. Love homemade cards! The ones you made for your students are darling!

  4. Is it m&ms inside? It's so sweet and unusual!

    P.S. In response to your comment on my blog - yeah, I'm from Russia and It's really interesting to read blogs, which are written by people who don't live in your country:)

  5. These projects are SO cute! I especially like the cake-toppers, or muffin toppers! :) Adorable.

    Love your site!

    chloe **


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