Friday, February 11, 2011

day 5 & 6 / busy week

It has been a busy, busy week! I am relieved that today is winter break day and I have the day off from school. I had a dream last night about waking up and finding it was the day of our wedding. That part was nice... until I realized that nothing was ready! We didn't have decorations, a dj, food... we even had to share our wedding ceremony with another couple. I kept reminding myself throughout the dream, "At least we're getting married... that's the important part... stop worrying about the rest."

I'd have to say the highlight of my week was the fact that President Obama himself made a visit to my alma mater! My old college is hooking up the whole town - and neighboring towns - with Wi-Max, a super high speed amazing internet. He came to speak to the community about what a wonderful initiative this is, as well as to observe rural schools using the Wi-Max. Before his speech, he ate lunch at the little shop we took half of our engagement photos. Obviously President Obama must have seen this photo and decided he had to see this adorable location for himself:
What I wore...
Christopher picked out my original outfit. This never happens! I was about to ask him if the purple sweater clashed with the green dress when he told me that I should wear that outfit with gray tights and black boots. Okay! Well, my dress was filled with static and kept creeping up my leggings, so I threw a skirt over it for school. After school, I went back to the cuter outfit he had chosen.

original (outfit #5) / modified for school (outfit #6):


  1. What a smart idea! Two outfits in one day! I'm gonna have to start doing that to get more mileage out of my outfits. I like both incarnations of this outfit but the original outfit is more edgy. :)

  2. I love it! Just can' t get over the cuteness factor of that picture!

  3. i love your outfit! it's so fun, and the two of you are so adorable!

  4. we still have that dress at old navy, although i think it may have gotten marked down more now.

  5. I really love that green dress - the color is just so pretty.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. Wow I love that he picked out your outfit, what a man! It's a lovely one too, the green dress is awesome! And I think it looks great with the skirt too.

  7. hehe! obviously he did! lol

    too funny..

    Nice color combination..very inventive

  8. i could have sworn i was already following you but i wasnt well....i am now :)

  9. Super cute outfit!! I like it both ways and I think it should def. count as 2 outfits, so go you!!!

    Don't get too stressed over wedding details. Take time for the things you care about most and the rest will fall in place. And don't forget to ask for help and take a few minutes for yourself each day so you can remind yourself to just BREATHE!! :)

  10. Aw, cute! Love that green dress.

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
    Follow @UnraveldThreads on twitter!

  11. Look at you such a trend setter Obama is such a copy cat. LOL. That was a scary dream I would not have held it together.

    Write it in Lipstick

  12. Brillant: skirt over dress. Warm and cute!!

  13. I like the purple green combo. Very cute. Your dog is adorable!

    Girls Who Wear Pearls


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