Thursday, April 28, 2011

2 days! I rode my bicycle past your window last night...

Christopher insisted we exchange wedding gifts before the wedding. He claims he couldn't bring my gift to the wedding... you'll see why!

I made him open my gift first. I got him a set of three Chicago team pictures from this etsy shop. The Bears picture was a real sacrifice for me, beause I am a Green Bay Packer fan. Christopher wants to have a Man Cave (but after seeing Perfect Couples we've decided on The Cave rather than a Man Cave) in our future basement, so that's where these are intended. I grew up a Brewers Fan, but I agreed to change my baseball allegiance to his beloved Sox:
White Sox
He brought his pictures to work for now until we have a nice basement to fix up. I also bought him a tie clip from this etsy shop. It's hammered finish on the front and our initials and wedding date are engraved on the back.
 Not our initials! Christopher's says, "A&C 4-30-11"
I've been telling Christopher since we started dating how I've always wanted a big ol' granny basket for my bicycle. He remembered! My first present was the basket! Then, he led me outside and I found a bicycle! It's a vintage bike from the 1960's! He's been ordering new parts for it and he's going to fix it up for me this summer. How stinkin' CUTE is this bike?! I can't wait to pedal to the grocery store this summer.
TWO DAYS! I'm getting really nervous / excited / anxious! I'm not at all nervous to marry Christopher... just nervous to walk down the aisle and have everyone staring at me. I'm a little shy. :o)

La la la so excited...............................! I'm off to start packing for the weekend and next week. Christopher's got a mini-moon planned for us. Our "real" honeymoon will be over Thanksgiving. We're going someplace warm then!


  1. You're getting married this weekend??!! Congratulations Lady! I hope you'll share photos.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. *Throws confetti* I hope you have a great day!

  3. Also, I'm more excited about your wedding than the royal wedding, because I actually like you and think your wedding will be more tasteful and filled with love.


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