Wednesday, April 20, 2011

10 Days

Bridal Shower #1 (hosted by coworkers)
Bridal Shower #2 (hosted by my maid of honor and my stepmom)

I've been MIA because we've been soo crazy busy with last-minute wedding things. I'm starting to create sub plans for my guest teacher for the 6(!) days I'll be off from school. Considering I've never taken a personal day in my four years of teaching (or at any other job), it seems so weird taking six! Sub plans are a pain in the bum, but it's so worth it. I can't wait!

We're making everything (decorations, flowers, programs, etc.) ourselves and I'm so excited to post pictures of it all soon. We're also doing a photobooth at the reception and I know that'll be awesome.

One thing we didn't make was our invitations. I found them in this shop on etsy.

Only 10 days..... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (that's me squealing while I do a double fist pump and jump). I'm SO excited!


  1. I was JUST thinking about how it must be coming up! Congratulations and I can't wait for pictures!

  2. I felt as excited as I was reading through the post! Eek :) The invitations are really pretty.

  3. the invitations are beautiful! (and so is your dress and cardi, of course). enormous congrats on your upcoming wedding! i can't wait to see the pictures :)

  4. forgot to add: you have a christopher, too!! and i notice you always call him "christopher," not chris? mine is veeery particular about being called "christopher" :)

  5. yay! i'm excited for you!! marriage is seriously the best!! congrats, have fun, breathe!

  6. I am so looking forward to seeing a million pictures, I'm 10000% positive (the teacher in you is cringing, sorry) that you'll look gorgeous, Christopher will look handsome and your day will be fabulous!

  7. How exciting!! That's so fun you're making everything


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