Thursday, March 24, 2011

arrr maties / 21, & 22

Not only did I rock crazy hair, I've also been a pirate sailor this (Reading) month. Imagine this outfit with red leggings and a red bandana around my neck because that's what I actually wore:

On other days, I wore a shirt that had writing of somewhere I'd been, a readable hat, and a readable button.

I also participated in the teaching staff vs. students' basketball game. The staff lost... by a lot. Our matching (xxl) tshirt jerseys did not save us. I will not include pictures because they're incredibly embarrassing. Yeah, you thought I looked ridiculous on Crazy Hair Day? That silliness doesn't even touch basketball day. Being the worst basketball player known to man, I just made sure to hide behind someone on the student team and I didn't get the ball passed to me often. 

Some days I wear normal clothes and hairstyles. Here's a few incredibly awkward shots because my neighbors were staring:
Remix 21
Sweater: Elle from Kohls
Belt: Forever 21
Skirt: American Eagle
Socks: Target
Boots: Steve Madden
Earrings: Charlotte Russe

The next day I didn't venture back outside:
Remix 22
Shirt: Old Navy
Belt: Came w/Forever 21 dress
Skirt: Old Navy
Leggings: Kohls
Boots: Steve Madden


  1. Maybe your neighbors were staring at the gorgeous purple sweater!

  2. Terri - Thanks! I can only hope that was why they were staring :)


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